Best Cities for Urban Parties

Are you a party animal? Are you looking forward to having a party experience like no other in one of the world’s finest urban cities? The beginning of internet era have made it possible for us to compile and share this. Well, we have compiled for you the following list of the best cities for urban parties that you can consider visiting.


Las Vegas in Nevada

Ask anyone who lives in the United about the best city for partying and they’ll most likely mention Las Vegas. Partying never stops in this busy city. Whether you want to dance from dusk until dawn with crazy strangers on an exclusive dance floor or enjoy a bottle service with your buddies and laugh your lungs out throughout the night in a noisy club, Vegas has you covered.


After a party night in a nightclub, wake up to a ‘wicked’ pool party at Marquee or Encore to do that which can only be done at night in other places. You’ll also enjoy the finger-licking dishes served in this ever-happy city.


Bangkok in Thailand


Shining with neon street lights and happy noises coming from an array of charming clubs, Bangkok is an epitome of parties in Thailand. Wong’s Place, Bed Supperclub, Route 66 and Sing Sing Theatres are some of the prominent venues in the city that await you for an incredible party experience. The city hosts many other racy-themed bars, dirty sex shows, high-end clubs and jazz lounges for a never-ending and unadulterated party life.


New York City


With lots of prominent jazz and dance clubs as well as cocktail bars, New York City is a place where partying is the order of the day. It is another city that never sleeps as nightlife here is epic. The most prominent party venues in this city include Le Baron which is situated at Chinatown, Marque in Chelsea and Lil’ Charlies in Nolita.


Berlin in Germany


How do you define fun? Participation in a sex, jazz, or techno party? If that’s it, then Berlin has all your ultimate fun set for you. There are lots of pulsating techno clubs as well as high-end bars where you can party all night long until dawn. If you happen to visit this city, ensure that you stopover at Berghain for a breathtaking techno party.


Montreal in Quebec


The residents of Montreal love to party and luckily, the city doesn’t disappoint them as it hosts many bars and clubs with big names. Opus Club Montreal Bily Kun and Buona Notte are among the most prominent party venues in the city. One interesting thing about Berlin is that you can drink your favorite liquor in a public park and no one will question you as long as you have a meal by your side. That will possibly give you a clue of the city’s party life; care-free.


Ibiza in Spain


Ibiza has been a prominent party destination for years and it doesn’t seem to lose the glory, considering that more mega clubs and bars are still coming up in this island paradise. At Privilege, the world’s largest nightclub is located here. It is surrounded by many other prominent clubs and drinking dens like Pacha, Space, Paradis, Sankeys and Amnesia.


Hopefully, you now know where you’ll go for your next party spree. Visit any of these cities and have an experience that you’ll live to remember.